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About The Fairwinds Company

Craftsman Jeff (right) with his father in 1976

Craftsman Jeff (right) with his father in 1976

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"You had a genuine interest not only in building our relationship, but also in getting to know the players on our side and figuring out how you could best meet their needs.  My team enjoyed working with you because they always felt that they got the straight scoop."

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Fine Furniture

The Fairwinds Company designs, builds and delivers custom wood furniture for residential and commercial clients.  Our scope of work includes live edge construction with a refined rustic feel to the detailing of a piece that is crafted entirely by hand using traditional woodworking techniques.

The love of wood began in Jeff’s family when his father Paul, owned a lumber mill in Arkansas.  He passed down his passion for woodworking to Jeff as he continued working with refinishing hardwood furniture. He taught Jeff that wood is something special.  Jeff has taken his father’s love for wood and wood working experience and brought it all together with his passion for creating handcrafted furniture.  The custom furniture that he makes using premium domestic hardwoods, are not only functional, as furniture should be, but comfortable as well.

While Jeff worked with wood and studied all the different ways it can be used to create his highly sought after wood furniture, he embarked on an engineering career that spanned 30 years.  As an engineer, he loves the design process and he enjoys the detail of crafting fine furniture, such as live edge tables, dove-tailed drawers, and other heirloom quality furniture.  As a wood craftsman, Jeff utilizes his engineering background along with his artistic eye to create one-of-a-kind handcrafted  wood furniture pieces that are precise in size and scale, as well as in beauty.

Today, The Fairwinds Company is a family owned and operated business, that includes his wife Michelle, and often the efforts of their children Alexander(11) and Elyse(9).  As a true family business, their goal is to design and fabricate beautiful custom wood furniture, that will become treasures for years to come.

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